Franz Renggli - Bodypsychotherapist - Family-/Babytherapist
  My person

Originally I studied zoology. After my PhD I am became
psychoanalyst with my own practice since 1970. On the search for
new ways of treatment I finally discovered the bodypsychotherapy - until I
found in the 90's my birth and pregnancy traumata. Since that
time I am specialized in prenatal psychotherapy - I was
trained by Ray Castellino and William Emerson, Karlton Terry, supplemented with the
trauma healing from Peter Levine.

The work in my practice covers:

  • Groups, pairs and families
  • In birth seminars you can learn the vulnerability of your own earliest
    lifetime, to let it heal
  • Therapy with babies/infants and their families
  • To all my work I offer also the appropriate training



Franz Renggli
Nonnenweg 11
4055 Basel
Tel. (0041) 061 271 62 32
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