Franz Renggli - Bodypsychotherapist - Family-/Babytherapist
  Angst und Geborgenheit - Anxiety and Security

Hardcover Edition

Paperback Edition

Socio-cultural Consequences of the Mother-Child Relationship in the First Year of Life.
Findings from Behavioral Research
Psychoanalysis and Ethnology

Rowohlt, Hamburg
(c. 50,000 copies, out of print)

Selbstzerstörung aus Verlassenheit - Self destruction out of loneliness

The Plague as a Mass-Psychosis in the Middle Ages
History of the Early Mother-Child Relationship

Rasch und Röhring, Hamburg
Out of print


Der Ursprung der Angst - The Origin of Anxiety

Ancient Myths and the Trauma of Birth

Walter Verlag. Düsseldorf
ISBN 3-530-42161-8
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Abstract (PDF, 153kB)

On the basis of humankind's earliest stories, the tales of the gods, I show how each myth is a story to describe what a baby experiences in its mother's womb: during the pregnancy and then the birth. A mirror in which we can understand the prenatal aspects of our dreams.